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Beautifully Handcrafted Easter Cookies Found on Etsy

Who would have thought to look on Etsy for delicious and beautifully handcrafted Easter cookies?!  Apparently, there are a lot of professional bakers who have their own bakeries that also have an Etsy store.  Take a look at these gorgeous … Continue reading

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The Best Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

We love to bake in our house.  Especially chocolate chip cookies.  These aren’t just any chocolate chip cookies, they are simply the most chocolatey you’ll ever make.  I don’t use chocolate chips, my secret is shaving a Belgium chocolate bar … Continue reading

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Planning the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Party

Here’s a recipe for planning the perfect St. Patrick’s Day party courtesy of Mark Addison that includes a lovely plate rainbow, green and gold cocktails, dessert and savory bars, and green desserts.  Click on any of the photos for easy … Continue reading

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Chocolate Hershey Kiss Cream Cheese Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

These cookies are so delicious that I always make extra to give away to friends.  I should mail some to my Mom and sister but I’m sure they would say that I’m ruining their diets. You can easily halve the … Continue reading

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Vintage Valentine’s Day Cookies

My Bishop and his sweet wife dropped off some beautiful Valentine’s cookies for the family last night.  They taste as good as they look!

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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

I found some uber cute Valentine’s Day party ideas, favors, and gifts on Etsy.  Easily order printables to print and assemble at home or purchase unique pre-made items to save time.  These cute ideas can be used for children or … Continue reading

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