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10 Fabulous and Delicious Simple Summer Salads + Recipes

Summer salads are simply the best.  I love how fresh everything is!  All of my favorite fruits and vegetables are in season and are just begging to be mixed together in a salad. Take a look at these delicious salads … Continue reading

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Oriental Chicken Salad with Thai Peanut Dressing Recipe

The oriental chicken salad is one of my favorites and is very easy to put together.  I usually buy the pre-shredded bags of iceberg lettuce, cabbage, and carrots to save time and combine them in equal amounts to form the … Continue reading

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Southwestern BBQ Ranch Chicken Quinoa Salad Recipe

  I decided to experiment with quinoa tonight after my dear friend Linda dropped off a delicious quinoa dish for us today.  Why I have never cooked with this grain before is beyond me.  It’s so easy to make and … Continue reading

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Spring Salad with Pickled Vegetables and Sunny Side Up Egg

Our friend Nina over at Love and Lemonade sent over this delicious recipe for her spring salad with pickled vegetables topped with a sunny side up egg.  Thank you Nina!   Here is the recipe for the salad:   Dressing … Continue reading

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Foods and Drinks Served In Organic Containers

I love when chefs and caterers get creative in how they serve food and drinks.  Such eye candy – it makes it even harder to eat because you just want to leave it in it’s perfect state and just marvel … Continue reading

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Foods in a Jar – Cupcakes, Pie, Breakfast, Salads, and More

Foods in a jar seem to be quite popular these days. From cupcakes in a jar to salads in a jar, the presentation is cute and it’s easily portable.  You can easily layer everything the night before for picnics or … Continue reading

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Peter Callahan’s Bite by Bite Cookbook Giveaway

We’re continuing our week of giveaways!  Peter Callahan, a New York City based caterer has cornered a niche market in creating delectable miniature foods.  In his new cookbook Bite by Bite, he has included some of his most creative recipes … Continue reading

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