LuxeFinds Launches an Innovative Shopping by Color iPhone App

We just launched the most innovative shopping by color iPhone app you’ve ever seen. Really… you haven’t seen an app like this ever before.  6 months of blood, sweat, and tears went into building this baby and I’m uber proud of my husband for making it happen.

luxefinds color shopping engine iPhone app

This app solves the age old question that we’ve all asked before while shopping – “Do these shoes match my dress at home?”  All you have to do is take a photo, let our app analyze all the colors in front of your very eyes, choose a color to shop with, and voila, a list of curated shopping list is magically displayed for your shopping pleasure.  If you don’t have a photo that you want to use, you can choose a color from our color wheel to shop with.

luxefinds color shopping engine iPhone app color chooserluxefinds color wheel iPhone shopping app choose a color

luxefinds color shopping iPhone app search resultsluxefinds color shopping iPhone app social media sharing

When the search results show up, you can either sort by category (default) or by relevance.  Every item will have the color you chose, even if it’s just a tiny inkling of it. Tap on the item description and the social media sharing bar pops up.  You can share your favorite items via Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, text, or email.

luxefinds color shopping iPhone app kate spade earringsluxefinds iPhone shopping app virtual shopping cartluxefinds iPhone shopping app finding matching dressluxefinds iPhone shopping app color selectorluxefinds color shopping iPhone app search resultsluxefinds iphone color shopping app retailers

The + button saves the item to your virtual shopping bag.  The eyedropper tool lets you to pick a color from your dress so that you can find matching shoes in that same color. Pretty neat, right?  Tap on the > and it takes you to the online retailer for you to buy the item from.


Go ahead! Download the app…it’s free and so fun to shop from!  I can promise you that you will discover beautiful items that you’ve never seen ever before!


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5 Responses to LuxeFinds Launches an Innovative Shopping by Color iPhone App

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! This is incredible!
    xo Christina

  2. Wonderful! Will you be releasing a version for the Android market?? I’d love to download the app, but I use an Android device. Congratulations!

    Thank you!

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