The Science Behind Beards – Do Women Really Like Them?

I have a friend that creates infographics and he sends over ones that he thinks my readers would like to see.  I saw this one and started laughing.  This blog post is for our friend Nick, who can grow the most wicked mustache of anyone we know.  So, what are your thoughts? Facial hair or clean shaven?

A PhD in Facial Hair

Created by, Inc.

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7 Responses to The Science Behind Beards – Do Women Really Like Them?

  1. Jody says:

    No facial hair. Ever.

  2. sue says:

    Very true! Love the fact that 98% of the world lumberjacks, warriors, and badasses however have beards!

  3. mariya says:

    Um i’m pretty sure Peter the Great lived in the late 1600s. And he also made men shave their beards because he wanted Russia to be more like the rest of Western Europe…. this is so wrong..

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Ah! I for one find beards to be attractive :) I definitely wish there were more bearded men around my neck of the woods!

  5. Jen Lasko says:

    I LOVE facial hair. I admit it’s not the most fun to kiss but I find it sooooo attractive! I think it makes most guys just look more manly.

  6. Gertrude says:

    i love manly facial hair! my man can grow an awesome beard & i totally encourage it. haha not that it needs to get out of control so he looks like a character from braveheart or anything. he keeps it groomed nicely…it’s sexy & manly & i like it! :)

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