Mailing Luxury Easter Eggs for Children and Adults Alike

Mailing Easter Eggs Using Stamps

I first saw the idea of mailing easter eggs – yes, the Easter egg itself without any packaging from Giverslog a while back and told myself that I would do it this year.  But, of course, I don’t put a weight limit on my eggs and how big they get because that would stifle the fun of what can go into an egg!  Can you imagine the surprised look on the recipient’s face when they get a giant Easter egg delivered to them with all kinds of goodies inside?  Makes me smile just thinking about it.


I found my giant Easter eggs at RiteAid and the smaller clear/purple ones at the grocery store.  For the older children and adults who still act like children, I bought a ton of candy to fill the eggs with.  For the babies, I bought cute little outfits, stuffed animals, and luxurious bib and burp cloth sets.


13″ Tall Easter Egg

13" giant easter egg

10″ Tall Easter Egg

10" Jumbo Easter Egg7″ Tall Easter Egg

7" Jumbo Easter EggClear Eggs Measure About 6″ Tall

Willy Wonka Clear Eggs for Easter

For the candies that have no wrappers, I put a handful of candy into each cellophane bag and tied it with a pretty ribbon.  I layered the bottom of the egg with Easter grass and loaded it up with candy.

Pretty Easter Candies wrapped in cellophane bags and ribbonReese's peanut butter easter eggs in cellophane bags with ribbonSour Patch Kids wrapped in cellophane bags with ribbonJelly Beans for Easter wrapped in cellophane bags with ribbon

Some have candy for the parents and clothes for the babies, some have toys for the older babies and candy for the older siblings, and some just have a TON of candy.  I think my heaviest one has almost 2 pounds of candy in it.


A Star Wars themed Easter basket

Star Wars Luxury Easter Egg filled with candy

Baby clothes with a luxurious burp cloth and bib set + candy for Mom and Dad

Baby's Easter Egg filled with clothes, bib, burp cloth, and candy

Baby clothes and candy for big sister

Baby's first Easter egg filled with clothes and candy

Stuffed Animal for Baby and Candy for Big Sister

Stuffed animal inside Easter Egg

Candy for the kids and Bib Sets for Twins

Bibs and Burp Cloth Sets plus candy inside giant easter eggs

I sealed each egg with a piece of packing tape and decorated each egg with my sharpie markers and my daughter decorated with stickers.  I wrote their address on the top and my return address on the bottom – of course it’s from “The Easter Bunny” at my address. I couldn’t resist.


Since most of the eggs weigh over 13 ounces, it will have to be sent via Priority Mail – that will also ensure that it gets there between 2-3 business days as opposed to First Class Mail where some have reported it taking the full 7-10 days to receive their eggs.  I would love to know if you’ll be doing this!

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4 Responses to Mailing Luxury Easter Eggs for Children and Adults Alike

  1. Elysia says:

    what a cool idea!
    Just wondering how far did you mail?? To any other countries???
    How much was the postage???
    I’m a crazy mail swapper just wondering approx. how much it would cost!!
    ~Elysia @

    • admin says:

      Hi Elysia! I only mailed to friends and kids within a few states – because all my eggs were over a pound, I had to send them via Priority to get them there on time. Priority starts at $5.20 and my heaviest egg cost me about $8.30 to mail.

      If your eggs are under 13 ounces, they qualify as first class here in the states and would be a lot cheaper to mail.

  2. Rayna says:

    Yes, I was trying to see where you purchased the 13″ eggs? I would love to do this for my nieces and nephews.

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