LuxeFinds Ultimate Giveaway Mr. and Mrs. Always Right Pillowcases

pin it to win it the ultimate luxe finds giveaway

Day 17 of LuxeFind’s Ultimate Giveaway is another fun one.  Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right pillowcases are perfect for newlyweds or for any married couple.  I know my husband reads my blog here….lucky for me, he doesn’t need these pillowcases to remind him that I’m always right.  Haha.  Love you honey!

luxefinds ultimate giveaway mr and mrs always right pillowcases

Rules for Entry:


1.  Make sure you’re a fan of LuxeFinds on Facebook.  Leave a comment on the gift photo on our LuxeFind’s page with the link to your Pinterest board.


2.  Make sure you’re following LuxeFinds on Pinterest.


3.  Click on the “like” button below this post.


4.  Create a pinterest inspiration board with the title:  LuxeFinds Giveaway Pillowcases and make sure you pin both our LuxeFinds Pin it to Win it Banner as well as the pillowcases so we can easily identify the boards.


5.  Find images to build your inspiration board that are found only on . Pin directly from  You must use a minimum of 16 images for each board.


6.  The last day to create boards is April 14, 2012.


Good luck!



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3 Responses to LuxeFinds Ultimate Giveaway Mr. and Mrs. Always Right Pillowcases

  1. Lisa Leavitt says:

    These are adorable and would make a fun bridal shower gift.

  2. Ruth Chubb says:

    These are just as cute as they can be..what a clever idea for a bridal shower.

  3. Stacey Getrige says:

    Im a soon to be bride and think these would be so cute to have for the wedding night!

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