How Much Do Americans Spend On Their Pets – Infographic

This was such an eye opening infographic on how much we pamper our fur babies.  I know that my pets have always been pampered – they are well protected with pet insurance so that if anything were to happen – and it has, I know that money wouldn’t be an issue as Trupanion has a $0 deductible policy.   We cook all of our dog food – it’s really not much more work if you’re already cooking for yourself.  I usually make a batch for a few days of rice, vegetables, and chicken or beef and my beagle eats like a queen.


We’re currently trying to adopt a basset hound from a rescue and we just had our home interview this weekend.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get him in the next few weeks!  How much do you spoil your pets?

pampered pets how much do americans spend on their pets infographic
1-800-PetMeds Fetch/468x60.gif

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