Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Kit for the Car

After my post building an emergency preparedness kit a few weeks ago, I also put together a kit for our cars as well.  I don’t usually venture very far from home – I work from home, I homeschool, and playgroups are usually close to home as well.  Trips out of town usually involve the husband driving but if we were to be stranded somewhere, we do have a case of water, some snacks, a first aid kit, and a car safety kit..  I try my best to keep the car with a half a tank of gas at all times because in the event of an evacuation, you do not want to be in line waiting for gas.


If you don’t have a AAA Membership, I highly recommend getting one.  They’ll be there to help if your car breaks down, you lock your keys in the car, or if you get a flat tire and at the cost of about a dollar a week, it’s a bargain.


I always keep a case of water in the trunk of my car.  It’s a no-brainer – if we’re ever thirsty, we have water – if we’re stranded, we also have water.  Snacks are also a must have especially if you have children.  Graham crackers, goldfish crackers, and basically anything that won’t melt nor spoil in the heat is a safe bet to have on hand.  Remember, you just need enough to keep you and the kids happy if you get stranded.  We’re not banking on a few days without help here.  Also, if you have babies and young children, you may want to stash a few diapers and wipes into your car’s emergency kit as well.


Here is an all in one kit that I bought for my car.  It really has everything you would need in the event of a car emergency including jumper cables, air compressor to refill your tires, flashlight, reflective triangle, tools, gloves, utility knife, bungee cord, whistle, a basic first aid kit, and a lot more.

Lifeline First Aid First Aid AAA Road Explorer Kit


We also have the American Red Cross Emergency SmartPak that includes a more comprehensive first aid kit, a 2400 calorie food bar, 16 ounces of water, emergency blanket, light sticks, hand warmers, and a bunch of other extra things that you’ll find useful if you get stranded.

american red cross emergency smartpack modular system first aid


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