Blog Submission Call for LuxeLiving


LuxeLiving is looking for talented vendors to submit their work to be featured.  We are interested in beautiful weddings, themed engagement sessions, wedding cakes, wedding decor ideas, bouquet ideas, delicious recipes from foodies, gorgeous home decor from baby nurseries to man caves, the latest in fashion and beauty, stunning travel locales, and anything that will make raising a family easier from ideas on traveling with children to arts and crafts projects.


We heavily promote our blog and site on Pinterest where we have nearly a quarter million followers, Facebook, and twitter.  Please only send submissions that have NEVER been featured elsewhere other than your own blog.  All photos need to be professional looking for consideration.


Submission guidelines:


Wedding Features:  20-30 photos sized to 600 width sent in a zipped file.  A story must be included along with all vendors and links.


Food Features:  3-10 photos sized to 600 width.  Please include recipes and links to be included.


Home Decor Features:  5-20 photos sized to 600 width sent in a zipped file.  Please include inspiration behind decor and links to be included.


Travel Features:  You may submit single photos for feature or up to 20 to tell a story.  If submitting more than 1o photos, please submit in a zipped file and make sure photos are sized to 600 width.  Please include links to be included.


Family Features:   For arts and crafts, please include photographs of all steps.  For all other submissions, please include write up and photos.  Photos need to be sized to 600 width.


Fashion/Beauty Features:  Submissions should include 5-20 photos of the latest colors or collections and the inspiration behind the new collection.  Photos need to be sized to 600 width.


All submissions should be sent to:


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