African Safari in Tanzania – Photography by Beautiful Day Photography

African Safari Tanzania Full Rainbow PlainsI live vicariously through my friend  Laura Grier from Beautiful Day Photography.  She lives such an amazing adventure filled life.  We met in the Cayman Islands late last year at Engage11 – a must attend conference for anyone in the luxury wedding industry.  We had dinner together and I listened to all of her amazing stories from exploring the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand and swimming with the eels to encountering these massive Bask Sharks off the coast of California.  When I found out that she was going to Africa, I knew that I had to feature some of her beautiful work.  Take a look – you’ll feel as if you were right there with her!  To see all the photos from her trip, click on any photo to be taken to Laura’s own blog post.

African Safari Tanzania Giraffes SavannahAfrican Safari Tanzania Animals Wild Savannah watering holeAfrican Safari Green Grasslands Zebra TanzaniaAfrican Safari Tanzania Elephant Green Grasslands SavannahAfrican Safari Cloudy Plains Zebras Walking in a Row

African Safari Giraffes Lush Green Savannah Tanzania

African Safari Wild Animals Green SavannahAfrican Safari Wild Elephants Sepia Tanzania

African Safari Wild Elephants Tanzania Green Savannah

African Safari Elephant Herd Tanzania SavannahAfrican Safari Wild Elephants Savannah TanzaniaAfrican Safari Tanzania Elephant Plains SavannahAfrican Safari Giraffes Savannah TanzaniaAfrican Safari Giraffes Dusk Tanzania African Safari Zebras Tanzania Wild plainsAfrican Safari Tanzania Great PlainsAfrican Safari Tanzania Full RainbowAfrican Safari Elephant herd in the road TanzaniaAfrican Safari Lioness TanzaniaAfrica Safari Tree of Life in Tanzania



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