Hidden Dangers and Chemicals in Everyday Cosmetics and Products

I’ve always tried to use beauty products that use all natural ingredients.  Granted, it’s not always possible and I’m guilty for loving my favorite shade of lipstick that is probably loaded with chemicals now that I’ve read the chart below.  Many times, we don’t know until much later that something as innocuous as baby shampoo, items that we use on our babies releases chemicals  as a byproduct of manufacturing.  If I remember correctly, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that they really brought the baby shampoo chemicals to light.  It’s also rather shocking that the FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetic chemicals and that the European government bans 1222 chemicals that our government doesn’t ban.  Thoughts?

hidden dangers in cosmetics soap make up sunblock and baby productsInfographic courtesy of CosmetologySchool.org

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