The Best Guacamole Recipe Ever

I’ve been making this guacamole recipe for over 10 years and it gets devoured very quickly at any get together.  I have little kids so I never add any peppers, but you can add either jalepeno or serrano chiles if you want to give it a kick.


The Best Guacamole ingredients avocado cilantro tomato lime orange garlic onion


2 large avocados that yield to light pressure

Juice from 1/3 orange wedge

Juice from 1/4 lime wedge

1 Tablespoon finely chopped red onion

2 cloves of garlic finely minced

1 Teaspoon cilantro finely minced

2-3 Tablespoons finely chopped tomatoes (remove seeds)

pinch of salt to taste


The Best Guacamole ingredients avocado cilantro tomato lime orange garlic onion


1.  Scoop avocado out of shells into a bowl

2.  Use a spoon to gently break up the avocado into small pieces (don’t smash it up)

3.  Add the red onion, garlic, tomatoes, and cilantro.  Gently mix well.

4.  Add the juice from the orange and lime wedges.

5.  Add salt to taste – I don’t add very much because I love the taste of the avocado and chips already have salt on them.


The Best Guacamole Recipe Ever with Chips

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One Response to The Best Guacamole Recipe Ever

  1. I was recently made aware of a Facebook page with a Guacamole hall of shame. It was disgusting what people had done to try and customize guac. Crabmeat. Pomegranate. Meats. Just made me cringe.

    So the next time I want to my favorite burrito place I asked the young man behind the counter how he made guacamole. The real Mexican way. Avocado, lime and salt. Smeared on a tortilla.

    OK, that is really basic but he did answer my question. It’s about the avocado. Your recipe is similar to mine; his might have been a bit too basic but I swear you will never see fruit or meat in mine. Ever. :)

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