Church of Trees in Belgium

There are no words to describe this beauty.

church of trees belgium

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12 Responses to Church of Trees in Belgium

  1. Lisa Leavitt says:

    This is so beautiful!! Fred serve a mission in Belgium. We’ve had the privilege of going back twice.

  2. Renae says:

    Where can you buy a print of this? Beautiful!

  3. Lisa S. says:

    This picture is the very reason I love Pinterest, which has become my guilty pleasure.

  4. Jasmyn says:

    Where in Belgium is the Church of Trees? I’d love to see it

    • Christina says:

      I don’t think it is a real location. The image looks digitally altered to me. (Though admittedly beautiful).

  5. Kati says:


  6. Donna says:

    Does a poster of this exist somewhere? I would like to purchase one.

    Thank you,

    • admin says:

      Sorry, not that I know of! I’m still trying to figure out exactly where this is in Belgium!

      • Rebecca says:

        There is a bike trail that goes through much of Belgium’s countryside. This image has probably been enhanced to show the trees closer together than they really are, but the bike trail is lined with trees for miles and is very beautiful. I have seen it a few times heading to Brugge. Maybe this is what the photographer took a picture of?

  7. Sue Lockhart says:


  8. Darlene says:

    I would love to purchase a copy of this photograph. Who is the photographer??

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