Luxury Baby Nurseries and Children Playrooms

Ok.  So this is neither practical nor an affordable luxury.  My children never had these nor will they ever will.  And they are perfectly well adjusted and happy children.  But these baby nurseries and children’s playrooms sure are beautiful.  Remember, we find inspiration in beautiful photographs and can always tone it down several notches to make it our own.  Enjoy!

luxury baby nursery pink


Luxury Nursery Round Crib



In this room, even the ceiling is draped in fabric and adorned with a chandelier.

luxury baby nursery purple white

pink green fairy princess baby nursery

I love the crystal ship chandelier in this little boy’s nursery.

Zoya B Johnnys Room Columbus ship chandelier inspired

luxury childrens playroom chic princess castle


They thought of everything in this room – from the mini Philippe Starck ghost chairs to the mini Alfa Romeo.

luxury children's playroom-at-jade_Ocean_buildingluxury kid playroom indoor treehouse

Celeb-adored Noodle & Boo

children playroom rules pink green


playroom rules for toddlers

playroom rules for kids

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