Superbowl XLVI Creative and Fun Party Foods

The Super Bowl is right around the corner – are you planning on having a party?  Here are some super cute (I’m a woman…I’m allowed to think all things are cute) party food ideas that I’m sure the boys would just love…well, they may eat them without even looking at them!  What fun foods are you planning on making?

Chocolate Strawberry Footballs

football chocolate strawberries superbowl

Photo Courtesy of My Gloss

Football Deviled Eggs

deviled-eggs-football Super Bowl

Photo Courtesy of Real Women Watch Football

Football Cupcakes

football cupcakes super bowl

Photo Courtesy of It’s The Little Things

Guacamole Dip

guacamole dip football super bowl

Photo Courtesy of CL Tampa

Football Rice Krispies


Photo Courtesy of La Jolla Mom

Stadium Snack Bar – This one takes the cake…they’ve added every single snack food into this custom built stadium!  There are pretzels, chips, Twinkies, cheese, sandwiches, chef mix, candies, sandwiches, popcorn, chocolate…they went the whole 9 yards!

superbowl football snack stadium

Photo Courtesy of Slash Food

Football Sandwiches

football food superbowl finger sandwiches and dip

Photo Courtesy of Be Different

Super Bowl Cake Pops

superbowl cake pops football

Photo Courtesy of Flikr

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2 Responses to Superbowl XLVI Creative and Fun Party Foods

  1. I wonder who is going to get Super Bowl XLVI. Both teams are extremely strong. Green Bay Packers or New York Giants?

  2. What wonderful ideas…..very creative!

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