The Piano Guys – Amazing Cello and Piano Music

The Piano Guys - Classical Music at 180 MPH - O Fortuna Carmina Burana

I came across The Piano Guys on YouTube a few months ago and instantly fell in LOVE with their music.  Granted, I played both the piano and cello growing up and love classical music, but they really put a neat spin on really making the music come to life.  They perform in the most amazing places and produce some of the coolest videos.  Even my 2 year old son is completely enthralled with their performances!  From Classical Music at 180 MPH set to O Fortuna Carmina Burana and performed on a race track to Cello Wars, a Star Wars Parody LightSaber Duel, I could only wish that I kept up with my piano and cello lessons.


Steven Sharp and Jon Schmidt are nothing less than absolute geniuses on the cello and piano.  With nearly 32 Million combined views on their Youtube videos in less than 6 months – you’ll be just as entertained as the last person that watched them.  Were you?



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